Social Activism

Since 2002, I have been participating in women organizations. This grassroots experience together with my passion for gender issues unveiled the passionate feminist inside me and gave me the chance to work part-time in the local Gender Equality Office. Combining my background in languages with my passion in life, it is no wonder I have specialized in the fields of Gender issues.

Professional Commitment

Being a proud founding member of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI), I endorse the Code of Ethics with pride and commitment. I am Head of IAPTI’s Argentina Chapter and also engaged in the Logistics Committee.

I am also an active contributor at the North American Academy of Spanish Language (ANLE). Being a member of this organization has enabled me to be up to date with the nuances of the variants of Spanish throughout America and Spain. I participate in the Technical and Scientific Translations Committee.


My academic background in languages and translation, combined with my grassroots experience in women organizations, make me the perfect fit for communicating your ideas in Spanish.

If you do want to make your message understandable for women in Latin America and the US, choose this feminist translator.

Or would you commit your reproductive rights campaigns to the unspecialized translation agency? Remember – patriarchy is everywhere.

I’m the passionate feminist you need to reach your Spanish-speaking audience.


After graduating from Universidad del Salvador (Argentina) in 2003, I decided to develop my interest in the use of Spanish language and in December 2010 obtained a degree from the “Spanish Copy Editor & Proofreader” postgraduate course at the Fundación Litterae. I received the Fundación Litterae Award for the highest grade point average in classes of 2008 and 2009.

I actively engage in a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, which enable me to deliver flawless Spanish translation services. What is more, I have recently added yet another academic qualification to my portfolio to ensure the highest quality of proofreading and copy-editing services.

As an entrepreneurial and resourceful translator, I’m always eager to cooperate with a team of other professional translators while working on your translation project. Learn more about my services here or contact me for a free quote.

My fields of expertise and working areas

Gender issues, with an emphasis on Feminism; Violence against women; Women’s health, sexual and reproductive rights; Women’s access to education; Economic empowerment of women; and gender-inclusive corporate communications.

Education, Sports & Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Culinary Arts.

My Education and Associations