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María Leticia Cazeneuve, BA. English to Spanish Scientific-Literary Translator. Spanish Proofreader & Copy Editor

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“Cyberscribe is a dedicated technical communication firm; nothing is more important to us than the quality of the content we deliver to our clients. As a result, we must be very careful when we place our content in the hands of a translator, who might easily undo our best efforts.

Our firm has used the services of Ms. Cazeneuve on a number of translation projects which called for specialized terminology, precise localization and advanced desktop publishing tools. Despite working with less-than-ideal source material, Ms. Cazeneuve was able to render an excellent translation that received high praise from our client’s sales offices abroad. Through her efforts, we were awarded a second contract and, naturally, engaged Ms. Cazeneuve again. We expect her to remain our preferred Spanish translator for many years to come and are delighted to learn that she has partnered with other experts of her calibre to offer extended language services. We consider her an expert in her field and would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Annelies HaüsslerPrincipal Consultant, Cyberscribe Solutions Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Maria and her team during a five-month, high-pressure policy development project for a Vancouver-based company starting up a copper mine in Mexico. Our challenge was to get urgent safety and operational policies published in Spanish; Maria coordinated the translations with a keen appreciation of the urgency, and generally delivered within hours of submission of the English texts. I would work with her again in a heart-beat.”

Emma HamerPrincipal & Senior Consultant at eHamer Associates Ltd.

“María Leticia has completed all of the many projects she has handled for us on time and on a very high quality level. It’s a joy to work with her.”

János SamuPresident at East-West Concepts, Inc.

“Leticia is absolutely responsible and reliable. Delivers a translation of the highest quality, and on time! A pleasure to work with her! :) .”

Gabriela MejíasTechnical-Scientific & Literary Translator at GM Translation Services.